Instance Parameter values and X,Y,Z Location of a family

Looking for a way to pull Instance Parameter values and X,Y,Z Location of a certain family

The X,Y, Z is the easy part. I seem to be having trouble pulling a particular Parameter value:

then how do you go about combining this info and exporting to excel???

You are very close

You need to feed from element–>element connectors (not family type–>element)
A node like Element.GetParameterValueByName might be better



Spot on! that worked. Glad to know i was close too! is there a way to separate out the actual parameter name so it only reads the value - or reports only the value?

will do this

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Again Brilliant! you Dynamo Guru peeps are awesome!!! One final question:

Combining lists so they are in “Tabed” format for Excel. Again I feel Im close…

You need to manipulate your list to get it into the structure you want
At the moment, you are feeding in one row of 37228 entries.

There are simpler ways to do this- but an easy to understand method might be like this:

  • count counts the number of elements
  • List.Chop splits the list into sublists
  • List.Transpose swaps it around

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Me Likey!!!

Thanks a Ton!!