Instance Constraint Parameters - Mass Control of Grouped, instances


I’m trying to find a solution to controlling all wall instances of a certain type. As they are part of groups, I can not mass select them therefore I tried to select by specific type id. I would like to controll their base offset without opening up each group. This is how far I got. do you have any suggestions?

As far as I know you can’t edit instance content of any group without opening the group itself.

Hi @btgXDAW5

If you change the list levels and/ or the list lacing on your “==” node you should get the correct output, which will be a list of true/ false.

However i dont know if this works if they are in a group, never used/ tested that before.


Hello…could it help to use “get group members” and modify that way ??

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I solved the issue the following way (see the picture above);
@sovitek thank you for the tip.

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@sovitek False alarm. I mean it works on small scale with 3-4 groups in a test project, but when I tried on the one we’re working on with couple hundred groups, even if I filter them down from not having accessing duplicates and search for a specific name gives an error that you have to be in group edit mode to do any modifications to the groups. Which is also weird cause Dynamo does not execute until the group edit mode is on.

Hej…thats a lot of groups…could you share the files and i will take a look