List Manipulation - Levels & Elements

Question Script attached. script.dyn (129.1 KB)

I zeroed in on your problem.

The culprits are the List.SortByKey and List.GroupByKey nodes.

They change the order of the walls (take a closer look at the Element IDs).

So the solution would be to use the Parameter.ParameterByName for “Phase Created” and “Base Constraint” after the List.GroupByKey node (just like you did for the “Area”).

And that should fix everything.

Hope this help.

Good Luck.

That did work, but I now it’s just down tocleaning up some strings within the list. script.dyn (143.9 KB) revit file too large to upload

I have updated the script as per your needs.
I have also cleaned up your graph since it was using redundant nodes.

Updated Script.dyn (39.3 KB)

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good Luck.

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Wow amazing! I need to better understand that List.Flatten node.

Eventually you will master that node for sure!

Don’t forget to mark the solution so others can learn from your post!


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