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I just installed Revit 2020, with Dynamo 2.1. I watched one of the videos from Autodesk about it " Revit 2020: Dynamo 2.1 Ships with 2020"

From that video, it seemed like Refinery would be part of the Dynamo 2.1 install (or maybe Revit 2020 itself?) However when I ran Revit & Dynamo there was not Refinery installed.

I went to the Refinery beta site to download it but, it seems the latest version available there (0.4.44) is only from Dynamo 2.0.2?

"* Revit 2018.3, Revit 2019.0, or Revit 2019.1

  • Note that Dynamo keyboard shortcuts are disabled in Revit 2019.0. For instance, Ctrl-S (File Save for Dynamo for Revit) will not work. This issue is fixed with Revit 2019.1. If possible, we suggest that you upgrade to Revit 2019.1 for a better user experience.
  • Dynamo 2.0.2 for Revit or Dynamo Sandbox 2.0.2
  • YourLogic.dyn that you want to optimize"

Did I miss something during the Revit 2020 install, or will this feature be added later?





Try installing Refinery again via the beta site as it may work. If not try to copy the contents of the package folder from your 2.0.2 install over to your 2.1 directory. Best to move it into both sandbox and Dynamo for Revit (assuming both exist - I haven’t gotten to Revit 2020 yet as it hasn’t hit my account yet). Let me know if that works so we can spread the word.

The Refinery development team is aware of the issue.



Okay I removed Refinery and reinstalled it with Revit 2020 already installed, and still no go in Dynamo 2.1.

I then copied the Refinery package contents to the 2.1 directories in both Revit and Core folders. When I opened Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.1 I know see the Refinery is installed.

However, when I try to run Refinery I get this error, then Dynamo 2.1 crashes.


Thanks for looking into this @JacobSmall and for passing it along to the Refinery development team.


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Hi Carl, Thanks for the note. Unfortunately, our video is incorrect and Refinery will only work on Revit 2018.3, Revit 2019.0, Revit 2019.1 or Revit 2019.2 for now. There are incompatibilities with Revit 2020 CEF version. We working on a solution so stay tuned and thanks for your interest in Refinery!!