Install packages on any computer opf my collegues


What’s the better solution to install the missing packages when my script start on a computer who haven’t him.

For exemple,when my collegues use my scipt on their computer and haven’t install the package.

I’m looking forward your answer. Thanks.

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Set up a centralized location for your packages, and either robo-copy them down (your IT should be able to handle this), or have everyone path to the network location for their package directory.

Also be sure to document what package each custom node is from, and what packages (including version) are in use for every graph. The Monocle view extension is great for this part.

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In Dynamo Under Settings I believe is “Manage Package Paths” which is where you can set up a network location as @JacobSmall said. It is very helpful to keep packages up to date as you create content.

Thanks for all. Yesterday one person of the staff launch a Onedrive for manage the packages in Dynamo.