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I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a centralised folder on a network to contains packages rather than having to install each one on each machine. I thought the ability to do this came with 0.8.2 so maybe I’m missing something. I’ve changed the path in “Manage Node and Package Paths” which is has write access to all. However, when installing packages they are installed to the old default directory. Also adding/deleting packages out of the network directory has no effect on what packages each user can see.

Any help would be much appreciated, cheers Jimmy

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Sorry it is working now. Not sure why it wasn’t.

I’m going to resurrect this rather than use a new thread, because it’s related.

I found how to install to a network location, and I found how to set “managed packages” to see a network location by default.

What I want to know, as an admin, is if there is a way to push/update user machines to see that network location without manually setting it up on each machine. For example - we are able to use a specifically formatted Revit.ini file that we push to user machines via robocopy that will update certain settings on their machines every time they log in (things like disabling double-click to edit family, or setting the default times for nags to save or sync). I was wondering if there was a similar ini file somewhere to use to set dynamo settings.

I should add that I did find the DynamoSettings.xml file in the C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\1.0\ folder, but that contains other information (such as recent files) that I don’t necessarily want to be overwritten using a robocopy update.

Hi Casey,

Did you try changing the CustomPackageFolders section inside the DynamoSettings XML file?

On a one-at-a-time basis, I could edit that file, but I was looking for something that could be set persistently, similar to how the Revit.ini file has the [Install] section that can be used to inject specific settings into the user’s local settings without affecting other settings that aren’t included in that section.

It would be nice to have a method to clone one’s Dynamo install (including all packages). This would hep when sharing Dynamo graphs with colleagues.

Anyone know a way to do that consistently?

And another 7 months later:
Anything new on being able to set a default path for packages?
Either at initial install, or after-the-fact?

Please do not comment on old threads. Start a new topic with your question/problem to get an answer.

Sorry. I wasn’t aware of any rule against that. I’ve seen many older posts closed to comment, but this one wasn’t, so I assumed it was OK.
So, what’s the rule? How old is “old”?

Hi @DaveP - please try our github with this request.

I posted my solution here:

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