Insert spotelevation on ceiling(s)

Hi all,

How would I go about inserting Spot Elevations for ceilings in my RCP’s?

I have a list of all my ceilings in Dynamo, got the geometry of them and then got the center point of that geometry using Solid.Centroid. At these points I would like to insert the spot elevation. The concept is pretty simple but execution is a different story.

Somehow I would need the reference plane of the ceiling as well, right? How to insert the spotelevations? I was hoping it would be as easy as something like familyinstance.bypointandview!

I would prefer solutions using Dynamo nodes over custom (python) nodes. I hope you can help!


A bit of an ugly fudge- but you could fake a spot level by pushing the RL into say the ceiling comments parameter, and then using the parameter in a tag (and use ‘tag all’)

In the example below, the level is at RL=500
So I add the ceiling offset to the level RL, to get the ceiling RL
(The real spot level is on the lower right hand corner)