Spot Elevations in doors

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set spot elevation values into the doors (head height from origin)
I found the SpotElevation.ByFloorPlanAndPoint node developed by Clockwork.

The problem is I think that doesn’t work with my structural plans (view direction:up).

Does anybody know how acomplish that?

Thank you in advance.

If a node has these lines on the top it means that it is a custom node, if you double click on it you can modify it (dynamo will change its background to yellow).
When a custom node does not work you can open it, copy all of the node content, and then paste it in your script (so you will be able to see errors and what not)

When you paste it in your script you can reconnect everything and see what won’t work:

In this case the input of the node wanted you to give a FloorPlanView, instead you want to work with a structural view that looks up (dynamo sees this as a ceiling view). We can bypass this node just by linking our view to the “TurnIntoList” node, then we also have to bypass the “Vector.Reverse” node and connect the “View.Direction” directly to the IN[6] port in the python node, as this image shows:

Please let me know if this solves your problem


I received a similar complaint the other day regarding this node and took out the FloorPlanView constraint of the input node. The changed version of the node will be in the next version of Clockwork (soon to be released) but you can download it here already:
Note that the name of the node has changed slightly to rfelect the change I made.


Thanks for the replies,

I tried to do what Andreas proposed but I have some problems that I don’t understand.

I know that is basic but I am beginner in Dynamo. I suppose you have already noticed that. :sweat_smile:


That’s the picture I wanted to show!

Hi there

Can anyone help me out with this error. Please explain what is wrong here & what to be updated.

@JC.Moreno Looks like you’re missing the Clockwork package. All the Clockwork nodes are marked red (“unresolved”).

@robert12546358 - You’ll need to supply one view per family instance. You could use the OfRepeatedItem node for that.

Thanks for your reply

I could tried but output is "Null"

If you remove the try/except you may get a better idea of what the issue is.

Hi Andreas

Still i am getting error. Can you please go through the code and inform what i have done wrong here.

Thanks heap…!

Your double indents on line 32 and 33 should be single indents

Hey Mate

Can you confirm whether I have understood correctly or not. Seems like i don’t.

Can you please elaborate.

You did understand me, now you get another error :slight_smile:

The issue here is that the “GetReference” command seems to not be appropriate or intended for another call.

The ReferenceIntersector can’t find a reference for the point and vector you have supplied. Try providing another 3D isometric view as input for IN[5]. Make sure that all model elements are visible in that view.

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I don’t understand, what are wrong?

give me a way of the this error.