Insert parameters of type elements contained in a room in the instance parameters of a room

Hi, I’m new to Dynamo,
through some nodes I did an exercise that is to pass parameters of selected elements to room parameters, especially to complete fields such as wall finish, ceiling finish, floor finish of the rooms, I still feel that I am missing a lot of development due to two issues

  1. I need to pass parameters of type of elements such as walls, floors and ceilings to parameters of instance in room (floor finish, wall finish, ceiling finish)

  2. I need to be able to load more than one value in each parameter field, for example: wall finish: type1. type7 and type 9

  3. I need to fill all the finish fields with a single script

Any suggestions, attach my progres

After you get the elements you can get their type in a few different ways, but likely the Element.Type node is best for you here. After you have the type you can get the values you are after (finish?) but how depends on what you are really after and how it is stored.

After you get all the values together you can combine all of them using a string.join method for lists as described here:

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This is extremely useful, thank you Jacob

Hi, I’m new to Dynamo.
I have a CAD file that contains locations of elements where I need to locate my revit families.
Until now I have to do that handly and that takes a lot of my time.
Does anyone know how i can select those points from CAD in revit (Dynamo) and take their position to import
and locate my families.

Yes. Look into the ‘data extraction’ command in Autocad. It will produce a file which can get you the points and block names, which can be translated into families and points. Give that a shot and start a new post if you get stuck.

Also make sure your windows is up to date with security patches. There was some kinda bad security patch a few weeks back which has updated since that blocked users from using data extraction.

Thanks for help!

My solutions of the problem is on the picture, but it is not finished.
Im interesting about units in Dynamo because when I import families it overlaps one each other.
Is there any solution for my problem?


Where can I get Dynamo for Revit 2012?

You can’t get Dynamo for Revit 2012. 2013 was the first version.

See here:

Can you run your graph before doing the export? The watch node from the excel.readfrom file node is showing nothing which may be part (all?) of the problem. You may want to work though the entire dynamo primer as it goes over a lot of stuff like this.

Does enyone knows how to get Python script from deafults nodes in Dynamo.
Im using Revit 2012 that does not support Dynamo.
Im trying to get a code scripts from nodes and write them into Macro manager to try to input my Dynamo program??


Have you checked the GitHub? Not python but I think it’s as close as you’re gonna get.

A lot won’t work though. The API has changed a lot since then. Also note that the api docs only go back to 2015 so you’re gonna be going without a map too.

Also also 2012 isn’t supported so if something goes bad (ie corrupted model) the Autodesk support team won’t be able to do much to help, so make sure your model is audited and cleaned and backed up in every way often.

Your best option: update your software.