Inquire created point, line other modell coordinates


I'm total newbie in Dynamo. I'm studing the dynamo tutorials, but I haven't found yet how can I inquire the xyz coordinate of an in Vasari 3D created uniqe point, line, faces level etc. When I have an existing point in 3D I'd like to import the xyz datas of them and manipulate using sliders and/or create other elements using up this. The second question when I attach an parameter to an dimension I'd like to manage it using Dynamo. Which nodes can achieve it to the both with? Could somebody help me to improve in Dynamo?

Many thanks for help!


Hello Andreas,

thanks for answer. Basically my idea is, since I'm beginner in dynamo, building the modell with dynamo and with modelling in place as well. Creating an complex modell is complicated only using dynamo, and I find more efficiently combinating the both modelling method. Namely I can create points easier in the space, connected to the complex modell, and I would like to import the coordinates of this placed point, line, face etc. in my dynamo and give an variable to them coordinates, and use up some dynamo methods with them. So I'm able to manage the parametrical spital placing of element in the future as I'd like. It would be very efficient for me collaborate the both modelling method. Or is it wouldn't be the right way exploit the advantages of the both methods?

Yes, your idea is good, making more changeable parametric familes but that isn't the fastes way in some cases.


Hi Tom,

as far as I know you currently cannot manipulate manually placed geometry elements with Dynamo - you can however build on top of them (use Select Face, Select Curve etc. to make the elements available in Dynamo). You *can* manipulate manually placed families (use Select Family Instance or Select Elements to grab them) by changing parameter values:

What exactly is it that you want to do?


Many thanks for help. It is a good solution to this, but my goal is to amend the coordinatas of the existing point. In this sample it will created a new ref. point with relation the existing point. Do you have another idea?

It will be basic for me.

thanks. Tom



I'm newbie too and i been trying to do the same. I don't know if this is the right way but i hope the image can help you.

As far i know Dynamo can't select the parameters from dimensions.