Using Geometry data (XYZ) of a selected element and create a line

Hi All,

I am new in working with Dynamo. I searched a lot but could not find the answer.

I have selected an object in the revit model. In this case a cable tray.
I have now the geometry data: (XYZ start point and End point)
Now I want to use those data to create a line.
How can I have those data separately as an input to other nodes?

Thank you.

The Element.GetLocation node already gave you the line.
If you still need the points, use Curve Start Point and Curve End Point nodes.

After that if you need more granular data, feed the points to Point.X , Point.Y, and Point.Z nodes…

Thank you Hamid.

I need to move forward to see how I can figure it out. It was helpful.

if you have points as xyz in two sections as start point and end point,
use line.bystartpointendpoint

Here you can use lacing as shortest for 1:1 and cross products 1:many depending on your line formatting.

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