Input and output-Arduino

If i want input=Servomotor,input servomotor data into dynamo actually i can get servomotor data.
but i want output another date to arduino control led,i try but it can’t work maybe i set wrong date.
so if i want input data and use dynamo set data output arduino let led light,it can work?

I suppose you’re able to control the servo by altering input values on Arduino.UnoWrite input ports corresponding to the pins to which the servo is connected.
In the same way feed values in the same node to ports corresponding to the pins to which the LEDs are connected.

Also, the attempted use of Arduino.Open towards the end is incorrect. Not sure what you’re trying to do there.

i want try it can feed values to Arduino can let led light so i use towards the end .
i will move it,and try!

I’m still not sure what you’re trying to do, but I’m quite sure that you don’t need another Arduino.Open node in your graph. The one in the beginning should suffice.

thanks to your answer in other post, i controlled a servo with dynamo, but i’m trying to control it with a LDR, and i’m failing KKKK if somebody help me, i will be really thankful