Dynamo connected to arduino

i connected node and dynamo can read arduino port ''com3",
but when i turned servo motor in arduino,
dynamo can’t read data like arduino?

Don’t know much about this, but seems to work for me.
Didn’t connect a servo though. Just uploaded the basic Blink sketch’

Also note that FireflyFirmata doesn’t work on the latest current version of Arduino (1.6.9)
An older version will need to be used (1.0.3)

Looked into this a little more and can confirm that the problem lies with the Arduino version.
Download an older version, unplug and then replug in your Arduino and then Open Firefly_Firmata

Follow the instructions in the file…

  1. Plug Arduino boards into your USB port; confirm that your Arduino’s green power LED in on
  2. Select your specific Arduino Board and Serial Port (Tools > Board; Tools > Serial Port) *Take note of your Serial Port COM #
  3. Verify (play button) and Upload (upload button) this program to your Arduino, close the Arduino program
  4. then open … Rhino/Grasshopper/Firefly (In our case Revit/Dynamo)

Upload the sketch…

Here is a basic set up of Arduino.UnoRead and Arduino.UnoWrite
ArduinoBasic.dyn (8.9 KB)

I followed the steps you 've done it again
and i want to say thank y so much,because i can read date in list.

But I have a question
I replace servo motor for led
because i want when my data in dynamo can constantly updated
it’s possible in arduino.unowrite node?

A value of 1 (Bool in the below screenshot) switchs ON the onboard LED (connected to pin 13) , while 0 switches it off

Hi…there are far more useful means of measuring the speed of pedalling than measuring the out put voltage of the generator. Bicycle generators output is probably far from linear in the first place.

Make life easy on yourself and use a reed switch attached to the chainstay and a small magnet attached to the chain ring like bike computers use and get exact results rather than a ball park / semi meaningless figure by trying to measure the AC from the generator.

pcb assembly

They there. Thank you!
I’, developing an projetc in Dynamo Autodesk Revit and… I have a inicial problem, my Arduino.UnoRead can’t read information from arduino. What’s happening, please?!

You might need to modify the firmata.

Let me try and send something here.
THank you Vikram

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Guyz I need help. My project is Real time monitoring of temperature and humidity using Dynamo and Revit model only 1 room. Can anyone help me from where should I start. I just bought Arduino uno and DHT12 sensor.

Monitoring typically means you are trying to work in a fairly live manner. Dynamo doesn’t really work this way, you may need more developed software that works with the system in real time. I’d suggest as a starting point, get the data from your sensor at regular intervals and use Dynamo to process it (assuming it comes back in CSV format or something like that). From there you can look into how that part of the process could be automated, but focus on what you want to do with that data before you figure out how to automate capturing it.

I’ve seen SO many university projects like this, and they always get so caught up in using the wrong platform for the approach from the start, and never actually determine what data is important and how it should be used once collected. Focus on the data and use of that data first.

Here’s a thread discussing how to network up an Arduino. One suggestion talks about mySql and raspberry pi, so it’s quite technical I think. I think a web database would be needed if you want to write data realtime then scrape that data at a chosen time as a user: