Dynamo and Arduino


I am unable to get the Arduino node working. I have serial data coming out of the Ardunio (tested in another program), but no changes are happening to the value in Dynamo. It always reads zero. The com port is set correctly.

And, while I am here: is there a write file command in Dynamo? Better yet, write to Arduino?



Hi Karen.

Had you had the chance to check if the updated Arduino Node within the new Dynamo (version Nov/12) for Vasari Beta2 is working now?

I tried but I can't get the node working -

on which port/pin would it be best to set the analog signal to?

What is the node expecting unter its EXEC connector?

Would be nice to get into contact with you -

I am interested to set up your intelligent facade experiment.

Best, Boris.

Hi there,

Following the arduino connection to Vasari as well - really interesting -

Would be nice if the node would be working again.

Any idea when it could be up and running again?

Best, Boris.

Hi Karen,

I'm working on this. The Arduino node hasn't been touched since we've made some significant changes to Dynamo. So it was a bit out of date. I need to fix it up a bit. Stay tuned.


Hi Karen,

I have a little time tonight and will look into this. There is a write file node in the newest stuff we've been working on, we will be releasing a new installer soon, just got hung up with hurricane sandy and other things on the east coast.