Information on parameters

I have just started on dynamo to avoid repetitive tasks.

I want to fill in the parameters of the display of zones on the key (I want to create a script that allows me to check the correct zone according to the name of the number of sheets).

Here is my global script


Do you want to know how to turn the Yes/No parameter on and off?
You can do that with 0 and 1:

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it still doesn’t work

It would be good if you could show what you are inputting to the node from the filter.byBoolmask and what error is being thrown by the element.setparameterbyname.

You have to keep your mouse on the text area above the yellow node. then click windows key + shift + s to make a snip :slight_smile:

That’s the same picture?

Can you put a watch node out of the filter and hover over the error given by the set.parameter value by name and print screen?

Its impossible to help without this info

Renseigner paramter dans cartouche _V1.dyn (22.1 KB)

I assume this is a title block parameter. Instead of looking at the sheets you want to be looking at the title blocks.

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yes, how can i modify the parameter in the title block according to the filters of the sheets

You wouldn’t. You could get the respective title block from the sheet names/numbers, but it’s much easier to just ignore the sheets entirely and filter the title blocks. Title blocks already read sheet parameters, so you get that information directly from the TB.

Or you coud just get the titleblocks from the sheet with the aptly named Sheet.Titleblock in the Rhythm package:


Feed the sheets into this node then the output titleblocks into the Element.setparameter node

perfect, I managed to do it. Thank you for your help