Incremental outputs to excel

Hi there! I´m working on exporting some type parameters to excel and I am wondering if it would be possible to export such data in a “incremental” way… I mean, every time I run my Dynamo file (as I modify my Revit model), the results would be exported to a new excel sheet in the same file. In this way, I could compare my results as I modify my model…

Anyone could tell me how to do that?

Thaaanks! =)

When you say incremental- do you mean that only additions/deletions/modifications the model are captured ?
Is it for type parameters for particular category or family ?

The approach I have used previously is to export certain objects to a database and include a timestamp.
So for a particular object- you would have multiple records each with a different timestamp.
It is then easier to do a comparison of object properties over time at a database or reporting level

Hope that makes sense. I might have an example somewhere.



Dear Andrew, thanks for you response!

Actually I´m trying to insert environmental evaluation (type) parameters in Revit Families, so I´d like to have something like a project history to see how such parameters are getting better or worse through my project life cycle and its solutions trade-offs. I think it would be good if every time I run my Dynamo file, the results would be exported to a new excel sheet.

If you have some example to show me, I think maybe you have a good solution for me.

Thanks a lot once more!


Hi Cristiane

As a simple example:

  1. Export room data using Dynamo- I used sqlite as it is quick & easy to append data- you could possibly use Excel. A timestamp is recorded each time it is run, so each room would have multiple records with the area at that time.
  2. Link the data into Excel and display as a pivottable. Differences highlighted using conditional formatting

In this example

  • on the second Dynamo run, I moved a wall so rooms 206 & 207 changed
  • on the 3rd run, I deleted room 207


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That´s exactly what I need! Thanks a lot, Andrew!

Dear Andrew,

It is not working to add a timestamp directly to excel… Is that any node to do that? Thanks because, in this specific case,i must work within excel directly…

Thanks a lot once more!

Hi Cristiane

DateTime.Now should do it