Increase X-Coordinates with Distance

I received error message ‘AttributeError: attribute ‘Point’ of ‘namespace#’ object is read-only’ when running my python code.

I try to define a point from existing point with given X-Distance. Say my existing point (pt1) is (100, 0, 0) I want define New point (pt2)
is 250 from existing point (350,0,0).

I want to make function for repeated work.

Does anyone can give suggestion.

Increase X_Coordinates.dyn (5.7 KB)

something like this

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Thanks for quick reply, The counter value not constant, may be vary. But I want to do python script only. When you find big number of points with varies distance from one point to another inside python script is better. That is the reason I have created function to find Point from existing point with distance from user, please refrain from double-posting. I’ll go ahead and remove your previous post about modifying points by value so please try to keep the conversation in this thread.