X, Y, Z in Python (yes I have read the other topics on the subject :D )

How do I extract the X coordinate?

I’m trying to extract the X coordinate from 2 points so I can compare.

I’ve read some other posts on the forum but I’m still stuck :frowning:
Please help me, you lovely people! :slight_smile:

I tried this too:

Are you sure you read all of them? :wink:


I thought I had. hangs head in shame

Thank you! I’ve been trying every single thing I can think of for an hour now! The python nodes don’t like curves and points very much it seems.

On the bright side I’ve seen loads of new (to me) error messages. :laughing:

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@Alien Python does like curves/points, the problem you have highlighted is relating to understanding what data structure the input is in. Once you know that you then adjust the python code accordingly with “for” statements to iterated over each item in a list.

The image shows 3 different examples of point data structures and the associated dynamo file at the bottom if you want to look at the python code.

Points in Python data structure.dyn (25.7 KB)


Cheers Brendan :grinning:

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