Cycle a point by a distance, multiple times

Can anyone help me with this. my issue is part of a much bigger script.

the picture below is a example of what im trying to get to.

I have a point on a ceiling that i’m using to add an air terminal to in each room, in some cases i need more that one air terminal. so i need more that amount of points.

how can i repeat the points but add a distance each time (say 100mm) in one direction(X) Y & Z stay the same.

so if the cycle amount is
3 it would x = 0, x = 100, x = 200.
5 it would x = 0, x = 100, x = 200, x = 300, x = 400

Thank you!

You can use a node block:

Where count is the number of repetition and 100 the step.
So if you feed 5, you get: 0,100,200,300,400


Great! thank you! @lucamanzoni :+1:
it worked!