"inconsistent face-body relationship" error using Geometry.Intersect

Baby Dynamo user here.

I am trying to create a solid from the intersection of two other solids. One is a Solid by Ruled Loft created from two polycurves and one is Cuboid created with Cuboid.ByCorners. Both solids exist and show when Preview is checked. But Geometry.Intersect gives me the error “inconsistent face-body relationship”.

These same nodes worked correctly before (and produced a solid) with a different solid in a different graph. I did copy and paste them from the original graph into a new one. Would that create the error?

The first solid is also showing the polycurves that were used to make it, even though everything has Preview unchecked. I think this may be the problem, but I don’t know why. When this worked previously, the initial solid was a simple cylinder that I was using as a test solid,


Thank You. This is my first query, and I did search for this issue and didn’t find anything that would help.

Hey Laura. Welcome to the forums.

I’ve replicated a similar scenario and have no issues.

Can you post a screenshot of your graph, with all the node preview bubbles pinned, so we can see what’s going on? Can you also tell us what version of Dynamo you’re using?

Since this worked with different geometry I’m guessing there’s something going on with one of the solids you made here. I’m guessing the loft didn’t like something and tried its best to fix itself but is now causing problems.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for responding! Sorry for my delayed response. I don’t get to work on this as often as I would like. I probably am not using the correct nodes to make my solid, but it seems like the only way to figure this program out is by trial and error.

I’m trying to figure out all of the potential ways to create solids that are more complicated than the basic 4 in the “Solids” section of the Geometry menu. These solids would have a bottom surface that is flush with the XY plane and an upper surface which is not parallel to the bottom surface. Lofting seems to make the most sense, but I think I’m doing something wrong with the input PolyCurves.

I have not yet taken a close look at your graph, but I will do that next, to see what you are doing differently.


Thanks again!

I should say that my solids won’t be regular polygons and could have quite a few sides of various lengths.