In-Place Mass Curtain Panel Material Parameter update


Hi All, This is my first post so excuse any newby mistakes. I need to update some material parameters in a curtain panel placed on an in-place mass in a Revit project. The curtain panel is clad in various extrusions (50 possibilities), all of which have different materials selected from 8 possible materials. I already have a material parameter in there that has the correct material allocated to it, i need to use that one to populate Material A and Material B I’ve heard with running Dynamo on in-place mass families you need to open the project, open the script, then edit the mass, then link the nodes to the set paramater node, then run the script, then finish mass. In finishing the mass the script updated the curtain panels. Is that correct. One way or another it’s not working at the moment, just not sure why. I’ve also tried adding in an element ID node just before the set parameter node, also no luck there. Can anyone help? Please… Here is one of my script tests. Cheers, Gavin


Hey, anybody got any ideas on this one? pls.


It’s an issue with your list lacing. All you need to do is right click the SetParameterByName node, go to “Lacing” and select “Longest.” The problem with the way you are currently doing it is that one of your lists is not the same length as the others. An alternative way to do this would be to use List.Cycle to repeat the ParameterName to be the same list length (11) as your other two inputs. By changing the lacing to be the longest, Dynamo takes any item that is shorter than the longest list and cycles it through until all lists are the same length.


Thanks for your reply Bo. Much appreciated. Still not working though. I’m getting an “…operation failed. Parameter is read only” message. It’s an instance parameter and i have all of the worksets in the project checked out.