Importing values from excel into Revit, only works for some values

Hi All, I am trying to write values from an, already export excel file, back into Dynamo. It works fine for values such as comments, but when I try to import the values for ‘Specified Supply Airflow’ it does not seem to work.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, your screenshot is unreadable, could you please drop another one? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @TimHuckle

Looks like your trying to set parameter for read only parameter which is not possible.


Here is a better image. I hope this helps

And thanks Kulkul, if it is not possible that would be heartening. Because I majoryly been going around in circles :slight_smile:

@TimHuckle Check the spelling. It should be “Specified Supply Airflow”.

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Yeah opps. I missed that one.
But alas when I correct the spelling it still gives an error of ‘The parameters storage type is not a string’

@TimHuckle You need to feed numbers to it. Convert your string values to numbers by using String.Number node.


I have also tried different setparameter nodes, of ‘type and instance’. but no dice.
and thanks for your feedback. I’m a newbie at this…

@TimHuckle no problem :wink: You can ask here if you got stuck anytime.

And here is how you convert string to number.

It worked it worked… Kudos Kulkul :slight_smile:
Thanks heaps.
It is out by a scaling factor, and I imagine that is an imperial thing. So I can sort that.
But just for this moment I am celebrating!!!
Kulkul, I hope you are have a good day :slight_smile: