Importing DWG as a block in Dynamo


I am working on a script to create signage along an alignment, where I will get the sign itself from an external DWG. The external DWG itself does not contain any blocks however, instead it only contains the AutoCAD geometry of the sign. In any regular AutoCAD workflow this would be inserted into the model and a block would be created, but am I able to get these DWG files as blocks from within Dynamo?

Block.Import doesn’t seem to work since there obviously isn’t any block to get from the sign DWG-file.

Can’t you convert the signs into blocks? then you can import blocks from that DWG and create block references at given coordinates.

I had about 800+ signs in different folders that I wanted to access. But yeah I found a LISP that would import the separate DWGs into a single DWG as blocks and I was then able to access them from that DWG within Dynamo.