Block.Import node

I’m finding that the Block.Import node will remove all dynamic block parameters. Anyone else getting the same results with dynamic blocks?

Can you post the dyn as well? Helps to ensure we’re all on the same page.


Also included the block source drawing in case it has something to do with the block itself.
param-intersect20.dwg (1.2 MB)

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You can use latest LinkDWG package (V0.3.5) to have the feature directly copy block from other DWG into current by ObjectDBX.


Does this work in Dynamo for Civil 3D? I have had some issues with the package on that version of Dynamo in the past.

Nearly all fucntions are working in Dynamo for C3D. Just make sure C3D 2020 is the only AutoCAD-based applciation is running.

Thanks. This works. I’ll mark this as the solution. However, Autodesk should fix the build-in Block.Import node.

I flagged this post with the Civil 3D development team the day you posted it. No word back yet, thought it has only been one business day.