Importing block from different drawing


So I tried importing a souce block from a different drawing so that I don’t need to create a new block each time I want to use this script. But for some reason it doesn’t work, but it does find the block in the external document.

How can I make it run so that I dont need to create a new block each time I use this script?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @remco.dejong,

There is an OOTB node called Block.Import that does exactly what you want. I would try that.


Yup! Or you can use the block reference creation node in Arkance and set the default dwg to pull from in the arkance settings tab.

What do you mean by OOTB?

Out of the box. No package download necessary.

ah thanks, I already tried that one but I onderstood it incorrectly.
I didn’t know that the “document” input was meant for the destination file.