Import images and decal

I would like to ask if it is possible to automatically import images through the generator and then automatically decal on the floor or wall?

I almost only found a part of the imported image.
Does anyone have a solution? Thank you very much.

As I stated on your previous topic on this subject, which has since been edited to just ‘delete’:

Likely, yes. Have a stab at it and let us know where you get. There are several examples in the forum you can use as a guide to get started.

@JacobSmall I might be a hard ass about it, but I would recommend that we either answer the OP’s question, flag it as inappropriate or simply refrain from answering.

Now, I would second your opinion about the fact that this was already answered before. Here’s a link to one such thread: Is it possible? This explains how to import images into Revit, and place them in drafting views if I am not mistaken.

@JacobSmall I guess I am saying that if you say “this was already answered”, at least post a link to it.

The second part of the question, which asks about using an image as a “decal” on a wall/floor is a little trickier. Technically OP is asking if its possible to import and image, and use it as a material on a wall/floor. From top of my head, that should be possible, but you would have to create a material, and assign it to the appropriate face. These methods are available in the API so it should be possible. I won’t recommend that route, because I don’t know enough about what the OP intends to do with such workflow.

That second workflow would require some custom programming. You can get an idea how to create a material from here:
I think that the easiest way to assign a material to Wall’s face might be the Paint method:

Again, the above is quite involved, and no guarantee that the result will be what OP wants. @ssean7240