Revit, Dynamo and automating processing images to Curtain Wall panels

I’m a Newbie and i need your help!!
I have to create a process that automatically assign to different curtain wall panels 8 images of a specific directory in order to cover a little facade of 8 panels. Dynamo (or Revit), must take 8 images from the specified directory and gradually apply them to the panels like in the attached image.
This process must be used in a second phase, to cover a facade with 5000 panels.
Thank you very much for your patience!!!

2018-12-04 09-07.pdf (381.1 KB)

I haven’t gotten to try it yet but you may be able to create materials and apply the image to the render asset for all files in a given directory. Some info to get you started:

Hi @Fansim,

If you decide to follow the suggestion of @JacobSmall, a number of nodes to create and edit materials already exist in the Genius Loci package.

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Totally forgot about these. My internal package library may be running out of RAM. :rofl:

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