Import gravity network into Civil 3d

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I posted into a Civil 3d forum if it was possible to import a gravity network into Civil 3d and apparently is possible to do it with Dynamo.
I normally get the data information from an external software and then I put all the network information by hand, which is a tedius job because sometimes I need to amend something and I have to change everything again, so what I was wondering if it was possible to import an excel sheet with CL, IL, coordinates, diameter, etc. and make the gravity network automatically.

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Hi @alvaro.a,

You will need to get the Civil 3D Toolkit package to do this. Here are some sample scripts to help get you started. You’ll need to change around some of the inputs from what I have here to better match your situation. A few notes:

  • I’ve split this up into two scripts to make it easier to manage. You could definitely combine it into a single script if you wanted.
  • Your Excel data does not include elevation values for the structures, so that is not included in this script. You’d need to add some more nodes to adjust the rim elevations to a surface if that is the route you want to go.
  • I have a lot of List.Clean nodes in here because there are several blank values in the Excel sheet. It might be worth your time to clean those up on the Excel side first.

Hope it helps!

AddStructures.dyn (75.7 KB)
AddPipes.dyn (146.1 KB)

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@alvaro.a can you elaborate what is the “external software” you are using and what are the export formats it supports?

That’s absolutely brilliant @mzjensen!! I haven’t played yet with Dynamo but I see on this a really powerful tool.
I’ll clear up all the inputs myself and see if I can achieve what I need, I’m sure I will.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,

We are coming from Autodesk Civil 3d forum, here is the link:

In that forum is explained everything but basically I normally design gravity networks with an external software called “Flow” from Causeway, that software can be linked with PDS but I don’t like this one so I’m still using Civil 3d. The problem with this is that I need to create manually the drainage network with the results I have obtained in “Flow”, and if I need to make some amendments in some pipe sometimes I need to change the whole network manually.

“Flow” only export pdf reports or can be linked with PDS, but what I can do is copy the cells of the tables I have in the software and copy them into an excel file, so making some changes in this excel file I would like to use it to import the pipes and structures into Civil 3d.

I hope this helps.