Obtain Pipe Networks in revit with CivilConnection package

Hello i am trying to recreate a pipe network that’s already with all its parameters in civil3d in Revit with the CivilConnection package in Dynamo
So far i have been able to model the pipes with its slope with the sample script, it still is not bringing the pipe size or other data, also it duplicates, i don’t know yet why this happens or how it can be fixed. I am using the sample civil3d model for testing purposes

Now I am trying to obtain a point structure so I can place the manholes with the data that they have been placed in the first place in Civil3D. I was looking for the “PipeNetwork.ByName” and “PipeNetwork.GetPipesStructures” nodes but these are specifically for Civil3D Dynamo.

Would i have to run a python script to obtain this data from Civil3D, or exported in a excel sheet to then input the values with Dynamo, i am open to suggestions

You need to ponder on what is the result in Revit first, the pipes in Revit are not compatible with the pipes in Civil 3D.

  • In Revit you cannot have the same behavior for gravity pipes in Civil 3D
  • The tolerances for the allowed angles are different
  • The cross-section available is only circular whereas in Civil 3D the pipes can also have rectangular, ellipse (horizontal and vertical) or egg-shaped cross sections
  • The pipes in Civil 3D can be curve, in Revit they can only be straight

In all this, transferring the metadata is the easy part.

With Autodesk Consulting I’ve written a different tool to perform what you are trying to do here, Arup was the first customer: https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/articles/arup-automates-data-transfer-between-civil-3d-and-revit-improving-design-coordination-and-avoiding-potential-rework-costs-up-to-30-000

Here is a video of how it works: https://autode.sk/2MijNIQ


Hi Paolo

This tool looks like it could be of us to our company - how can we download this to evaluate?

Thanks in advance


It is available only via an Autodesk Consulting engagement.

I’d try this

Good luck