Change the size of a manhole (structure) of a pipe network

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I’m importing a gravity pipe network from another software to civil3D. Since I’m really new into civil3D and dynamo (started like 1 month ago). I used and scripts made by @mzjensen in this post Import gravity network into Civil 3d, to get me started ;).

Im starting to undersand a little bit more about dynamo, so wanted to use what I learned to make dynamo change the size of the manholes (structure), but without success. Could you please give me a tip what im doing wrong here?

The script keeps placing the manholes in the same order as the partsize till it reach the maximum and from that point all the manholes have the same size. see image below.

I attached the excel file frowm where the data is taken the scripts and surface so you can take a look at my failed experiment.

data.xlsx (8.9 KB)
pipes.dyn (384.6 KB)
structures.dyn (298.1 KB)
sump.dyn (148.5 KB)
surface.7z (143.8 KB)


Check the lacing and which order the structures comes for each node when you combine them.
I have seen that in some of my graph and it a common issue when manipulating lists

Not sure why, but uploading it again

Data.xlsx (34.8 KB)

are you sure about the coordinates for surface vs coordinates for structures? I can’t make them to be created on the same place. I had to add “0” to Z to make it work to create structure.

Hi Patrick.

Forgot to mention that the terrain is geolocated (Begginers mistakes) please see the zone description below

Annotation 2023-03-15 142801

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@ patrick.ericson

Thanks for your wish to help me in this problem. I decided to create a new cataloge having the diameter as the name and place the manholes by their name. After all I experimented, it just seamed easier this way

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