Import georeferenced mesh objects in Revit using Dynamo

Hi everyone !

I’m trying to achieve a project but, as a beginner in using revit dynamo, I cannot fin the answers needed.
The goal is to import several georeferenced mesh objects in a Revit model. To do so, I am using the MeshToolkit Package and some Springs packages too in order to adjust all the parameters for the mesh before importing it in revit. But I have some problems :

  • I cannot find how to import more than one mesh at a time (the idea is to import them all in one time)
  • I have some difficulties to save each object as a revit family (and not as generic model) and name them automatically by their file name.
    For the georeferenced part, I’m using a mesh.rotate and mesh.translate command in order to adapt surveying coordinates with revit coordinates. But the idea is to apply this transformation once for all the meshes that are to be imported.

Any idea on how to solve that ?

Thanks in advance for your help !