Import from SAT

Hello everyone,

i am importing a SAT file to Revit by using the spring node familyinstance.bygeometry as you can see further down in the pic…
It all works perfectly but i want to improve the script by automating the family name function. Right now i need to know how many solids are in the SAT file, then i have to type in their family names myself. To automate that i need to know how many “solids” are included in the SAT. Problem here is that even if it’s a few solids the node Geometry.ImportfromSat only returns “solid” and not a list with all the solids

geom = tolist(IN[0])
Revit Import SAT.dyn (59.5 KB)

you can download the .rvt and .sat files here:

What exactly are you attempting to name?

All that this SAT file contains is surfaces? or is there a series of surfaces that correlate to one object?
(i.e. road corridor, embankments…)

Yes that’s all, i have DGM’s of the terrain in C3D and want to export that in Revit, so there is no alignment, road corridor in that SAT file

Can you provide a sketch of how you would want to be naming the surfaces in the file?

Sorry but I am still a tad unsure of what you are trying to achieve. A family per surface?

Hey @Ewan_Opie,

first of all thanks for the help. I don’t need the surfaces. I need the amount of seperate DGMs that are included in the SAT and a little bit away from each other. But in this example 1. The spring node “familyinstance.bygeometry” needs as input “familyName” and it also knows how many DGM’s are included in the SAT. Then again i have to write down the Family names in a code block. For example if i exported 2 DGM’s to a SAT file, i would need two family names (“1” and “2” in the picture) otherwise the script doesn’t work.

So does your sample file contain more than 1 DGM? If not can you provide one that does.
There is no separation of data visible in the file structure for the sample provided, (that I can find at least) just face ref-geometry and information Ids.

SAT file structure