Does not draw or add family to the imported SAT file

Good morning I’m trying to make a script where I import a surface to turn it into massa and give it a floor type family. Dynamo calculates it without any error but you don’t see anything in Revit (I have turned on mass display and unsuccessfully). Thank you and a greeting
[Importar SAT (SUPERFICIE) convertirla masa con familia.dyn|attachment](upload://6ACwYsN7ELNY5Fa86k

dnLQmFwrK.dyn) (17.1 KB)

Look at the color of the Mass.BySolid Node. It is missing an input, the Material one.

Good morning I have the following mistake, someone can help me.


I don’t have that node, not sure why! I use Springs Package for importing geometries, hopefully if you look at this example it will help you…

Given the look of your graph, I suggest you maybe have a look at the Dynamo Primer…

Hope that helps,