Implement in-line structure of controno with dynamo

Good morning, me again…jajajaj.
I would like to know how I can make by means of a contour line or a line from the CAD file, the implementation of this profile that is encunetra in the image, I would like to make a dynamo routine, but I still do not know where to start or which nodes could implement for this routine, I appreciate the cooperation.


hahaha… …can you maybe post a try?. I thing you have to do a topgraphy.
And than fundaments ( Slaps) and so called “Vouten”.


Hello how are you, until now I returned to resume this routine, look how far I’ve come, I do not know what node is useful to implant my family on the linear generated or what would be the recommendation to take.

I am basing this on a line but not on a topography.


I ve no idea if this is dynamo topic, but adaptive components are flexibl.
I think you have to develop a clever workflow regarding nested families befor you enter with dynamo.