I'm running the code more than time to get the results , how to solve that

Hi there ,
i’m writing a code that reading then create then sort as the following:
1)i’m working at revit files used the shared coordinates .
2)linked a file then read data from that file .
3) insert a family based on data from the linked file .
4)rotate the family.
5)sort and give a mark based on the family dim.
the problem’s that im facing the code stop after insert the family , and dont rotate directly .
then the data that the nodes read its the original family dim. thus its sort wrong.

@Vikram_Subbaiah any ideas how to solve this .

Can you please post formatted code that you are having issues with? Any error messages that come up? Which version of revit and Dynamo are you using? Can you post any screen shots? A dummy revit file with the dyn?

See below post on other suggestions on How to get help on the forums. Thanks.


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