Problem with rotating family after inserting by point

Hey Guys,

So i have a family, its a rectangular block, where the ref planes are placed oke. middle in frontview is left/right, middle elevation is placed and middle in left view is front/back plane.

When I place the families there is no problem, but when I rotate the families after they change location by a lot (image 1). What I dont understand is that if I do not close Dynamo and just rerun it again, it places the families back in the right position. (image 2)

Does anyone know why this takes 2 runs to work instead of 1?

If I remove the rotate node, the families are placed on the right locations.

Crosslock_Secundair.rfa (596 KB)

Hard to say exactly without seeing your dyn in detail, but I think it’s due to the file centre of the rfa being some way from the geometry which would explain why when it is rotated it moves away from the original location:

Simplified example using a version of the rfa with the geometry moved (roughly) to the file origin

Roughly modified rfa attached: Crosslock_Secundair_MovedOrigin.rfa (604 KB)

Hope this helps,

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Thanx a lot Thomas!

Without changing anything of the script it worked perfectly with the new family. The family insertion point is in the same place of the geometry so thats perfect. Nothing changes in the project when reloading.

Gonna keep the file center/origin in mind. :+1:

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