First row in excel file is not being read by family type

Hey everyone, I have an issue with Dynamo’s excel feature. I have data in an excel file and what those parameters to be read in order to produce a family type. Everything works except for the fact that the 2nd row for some reason does not produce a family type even though it is included in the list on Dynamo, but in Revit it does not show up. I attached an image of my workspace below.

Can you share the excel, or the node previews or something else that we can see some of the data?

Also, I would highly recommend the List.RestOfItems node for removing column headers.

Here is my Excel file @SeanP
TestNew.xlsx (11.1 KB)

And here is a screenshot of the list I am using in List.RestOfItems. Basically you can see 58.5 three times, but the first row is not executed into a family type.

Thanks for your help, but I figured it out. My “all elements of family type node” was not working, so using family instance node actually worked. @SeanP