Im in need of a script that can place objects a long alignment

Hello, Im still new to dynamo but i would appreciate if anyone would help me with any script that can place objects along an alignment in civil 3D, I need to place some road signs along a certain alignment, this will really give me a good heads-up, thanks in advance

Check the samples which come with Dynamo for Civil 3D. They should show up on the lower right corner of the start page when you launch Dynamo.

is there any there that can help me place road signs along alignment

As @JacobSmall said, check the samples in Dynamo, you might find Civil3D_AddAnnotationAlongAlignment.dyn . This script adds annotations along an alignment based on stations from an external file. The sample includes:

  • Sample drawing: AddAnnotationAlongAlignment.dwg
  • Configuration File: BridgeAnnotatedAlongAlignment.csv

For a list of samples that ships with Dynamo for Civil 3D 2020, check this link