Dynamo Script for Placing Road Signs along the alignment

Hellow greetings,

I am new to dynamo i have try to customize the script for placing signs (2D) blocks from excel
to Civil 3D alignment. Unfortunately the results are not much impressive as block do not appear
at all Stations and the orientation is not by side. Can some one help me with the Script
for placing road sign in aligment similar to the one attached.


It will depend somewhat on how your Excel file is setup. Can you share?

@mzjensen, Thanks for your concern, I have finaly able to customize it using the above attached script and its working fine. Thank you

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Glad to hear!

Sorry to ask but what is the name of that AU class? Thank you.

can you share the link of the class and the file?

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please can you send me script file for placing signs along the alignment.