Store IFC GUID in elements - without exporting IFC?


Is there a way to store the IFC GUID in elements without exporting an IFC file?
Maybe there is a node in a package I don’t know about?
Is it possible to do using the API?

I’m looking for this functionality, but without exporting an IFC file:

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I assume you are still exporting to off, but wish to write the guid back into the element, correct?

If so, maybe you could grab the ifc and Revit id of the Revit element, write this into an excel file, and send it back to Revit. I guess that’s how I would do it.

Not sure how Revit is generating and maintaining ifc IDs. Maybe this is only created upon export?
If so, I wonder if it is exposed in Dynamo. You would probably have to use Python to accomplish this if it isn’t available in Dynamo.

I wonder if the IFC Pset has a standard object for Revit GUID, because otherwise, creating a custom string parameter reading the element ID and writing it back to Revit may be lost during IFC export.

Anyone tried to so something similar? :slight_smile:


As a may add, the Id is not a stable. GUID is.
Id’s can change when adding a workset.
Perhaps in more cases

Check out the Building Coder’s post on conversion of UniqueIds to IFC Guids

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