IF true then ask for input

Hi all,
Very new user of Dynamo here, using it exclusively with C3D (I do not use Revit). I am a structural bridge engineer working on creating a routine that helps create bridge framing plans. I have a routine set up that works great if the spacing between girders is uniform, but often times in the real world the spacing between girders is variable (i.e. girders 1, 2, and 3 might be spaced 6ft on center, but girder 4 is 8ft off of girder 3).
What I’d really like to do is have it set up so that IF the user tells the program through Dynamo Player that there is variable girder spacing (by setting a boolean node to True), then they will get prompted in a new window for the spacing between girders. I know that this is possible using AutoLISP, but not sure if/how it would work in Dynamo.
To make things more complicated, the number of girders is also a variable that the user can input, so the number of spacings would depend on a previous input.
Any advice or thoughts anyone can share would be greatly appreciated!

Uncomplicate it
See if you can figure out a common approach to both equal and unequal spacing along with varying counts.

For example, the input could be a list of spacing between girders. (you’ll need to tolerate the redundancy in the uniform spacing case)

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I agree with @Vikram_Subbaiah, finding a solution that works for both scenarios is important.

Data-Shapes could also be helpful in maintaining a variable UI. You could have a boolean input for something like UniformSpacing. If true, the UI would provide one input. If false, Dynamo could duplicate the input for each girder (n) in the bridge, providing you with n inputs.