If statment output different depend on true or false


I’m trying to make a if conditional codeblock which depend if the test is “false” or “true”, get the solution out by different output.

Explaining better:

If the condition is true, in this example x >0, the solution passthrough only by output 0, if the condition ifsfalse, x is not > 0, the solution only passthrough by output 1.

Any idea to develop this??

Thanks in advance.

Is this what you’re after?

Not exactly. What I’m looking for is form the “If” node, depend on it’s true or false, the result comes out from an output [0] or output [1]. [0] if the result is false or [1] if the result is true.


not, because what I’m looking for it’s pass through the condition a full list, the pic I uploaded is just a summarized example. Find this screenshoot more accurate:

Are you trying to run two lists at the same time OR are you trying to see if list 1 ticks ANY of list 2?

I’m trying to run both list. I’will control what list I’ll get out the “conditional” node depend on boolean. Then, I’ll get only one list in one output and the anotherone empty or null.

Why not use "List.Join’ so you only have 1 list?

no, I have two different list such as you can see on the picture, and I only want one of them, not both of them. But, this one which fulfils the condition true or false should apper in the output.

For example, if boolean is true. List1.x must apper on the first output, being the second one empty or null.

If the booler is false. List2.x must apper on the second output, being the first one empty or null.

hows this?

I’ll check it. Thanks. :wink: