"IF" node failure, and lack of understanding (on my part)

I have a problem with the way my “IF” node is functioning, and I’m not sure why it’s responding the way it is.

I’m trying to filter out anything without a “-” in my list. The “IF” statement doesn’t seem to care if my statement is true or false. I’m currently using just a Boolean switch, but regardless of how I feed the “True” or “False” inputs to the “IF” node it doesn’t seem to make a difference other than to change the output value to the Boolean Value.

I simply want to dump items from the list based on whether or not the field I’ve quaried contains the “-”. I can see the first item [0] on my list which is “nil”. I would think my current configuration would filter these out, and only passing a true statement.


I can’t seem to figure out what I have tied wrong, this is just a small piece of the script, but most of the data to the left (out of the screenshot) is just the Selection set, and element get quarries, and dumps them to tables in Excel. This all functions as expected, now I just need to add filtering for items without a line number.


TRUE/FALSE inputs should be the values it will output if TEST input is TRUE or FALSE, respectively.

Like this:

Sounds like you’re trying to filter the values. The IF node has an entirely different use:

Ahh, so it will only give me a True/False output, mainly to convert a string to a binary true/false if I’m interpreting this right. So I need to split my list into two, gathering the “True” to a separate list to process?



This page on the primer explains both the IF and List.Filter components pretty well: