If else determine question

I’ve just started using dynamo and in my code I want to run two Different Dynamo code through the List.Contains node output like picture.
I am trying to use IF node. But I find the IF node maybe can Express two outputs instead of two different follow-up actions.
Can anyone help me?

Use a Boolean Filter after the Contains node. Run Part A and Part B from the IN and OUT of that node.

Sorry I can’t understand “Run Part A and Part B from the IN and OUT of that node.”

Could you show more of the graph. I may not understand completely I guess.

Is it an all or nothing? For instance, I’d there are any true than you do Part A, or if they are all false then Part B? Or do you want to check each element by itself? If you use a List.FilterBooleanMask then when you plug the bool output from the List.Contains node it gives you an IN group and an OUT group. These are effectively your True or False (Part A / Part B).

@SeanP In the picture.
I want to deal the PolyCurve question.
So I use List.Contains to determine if the list contains PolyCurve.NumberOfCurves==1.
If it contains, it will execute the node in the blue box.And connect the result to the purple box.
If not included, the result in the yellow box will be directly connected to the purple box.

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I will post an example of how to divert the flow of data via a List.FilterByBoolMask to your other topic.