IF statement to link User Interfaces



Hi all,
I’m a newbie of dynamo and I’m using the package https://data-shapes.net/tag/dynamo/ to create a questionaire.
I want to connect, by an “IF” statement, a form with a consecutive one.
As shown in the picture, the user has answered “true”, “false”, “true” at the questions from 1 to 3.
My intention is starting from this string (true,false,true) > click on “submit” > to show a specific Form with further questions that are related with the previous one.

In other words, If the answers are “false, false, true”, should appear a different form.

In which way this could be possibile?

Thank you in advance


Use the output of your current form to trigger the toggle on the next form.


Thank you @JacobSmall , your help has been essential.
I solved this passage however maybe I stumbled in an unoptimal code.
Please find my solution shown in the picture.
In this way I need to replicate that code n-times, one for each possible form.
Just to give you an idea of the order magnitude of “n”, already with 3 query in the form 1 the number of different string is 9 (3^2).
Is There a better way to do it?
Thank you in advance.


You should also give the “UI.Boolean input” node a try.


@adammacco, you can also use this to drive an if statement to select the next question in the series. I can try to help more if you post more of what you’re looking for, namely the dyn you currently have and questions a, b, c and the 9 questions that follow. Recreating datasets like this so they can be understood is a tedious exercise I try to avoid.

I also agree with @Dimitar_Venkov - Boolean inputs from the Datashapes package would be better than true/false here. May also be better to ask one question at a time.


@JacobSmall the UI.Boolean input which dimitar mention is not from datashapes its from “SpringsUI” package :slight_smile:


Ah! I misunderstood what he was referring to - I intended to refer to the UI.Boolean Data node in the Datashapes package.


No, I really did mean the Boolean toggle input from Data-Shapes :smiley:

I feel it’s much more user friendly than a checkbox list.