If statement on Dynamo?


I have a script where one of the graphs get the file size of the Revit project.
I have both regular local files and bim 360 models; therefore I have two separate dynamo files for each file type. However I want to merge them into one. So something like ‘IF the file isn’t BIM360, use regular ‘File Size in MB from File Path’ node - IF the file is BIM360, use the specific script’

this is what I’m using to get BIM 360 files (thank you for various people on this forum to help me make this)

and I’m just using that regular ‘File Size in MB from File Path’ node for the regular local file.

Thank you!

Hi @mrkpkimEMSRM ,

You can create an easy If statement with a simple code block, like this:

_FileIsLocal == true ? Input1 : Input2 ;

hey Daan thank you for your help.

I tried to follow your way but wasn’t working and I’m wondering if _FileIsLocal is an actual command

I guess that statement sees if the file is local or not and if its true, spit out input 1 otherwise input 2. I’m just curious if _FileIsLocal is actually working here.

I’m an amateur at Dynamo so any help would be appreciated. thanks!

Hi @mrkpkimEMSRM ,

The “_FileIsLocal” is just the name of the input i gave it, so you need to feed a boolean value into that.

How do you determine whether your file is local or a BIM360 document?
(This should you output into a true/false value which then is the input for the code block)

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Thank you! So now I put String.Contains node and to check if the file path has ‘C:’ or not (to check if its a local file) and in this case, its true but still not showing up the input value1 which is 338. Any suggestion? thank you for your time!