Getting File Size for BIM 360

Hello, I have a list of projects (mixture of BIM 360 and Local Files) and I created a script that fetches their File Sizes in MB.

The problem is that I’m getting a NULL value for all BIM 360 files.
This is what I’ve tried.

Is it because BIM 360 is a cloud model? I’m bit confused here.

Thanks guys

What is the result of the File File Path node?

Just trying to put all the file sizes in the excel sheet

Sorry - the Document.FilePath node.


Find that path on your local disc - if it isn’t there, than this method won’t work because the file doesn’t exist. Note that seeing the file in desktop connector is not the same as on the disc - those are really just references to another location (which isn’t really clear in terms of what that is). A better solution might be to look at the ‘file size on open’ in the journal for the session.

“size matters…or so I was told | archi-lab”

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