If statement not working as intended

I want to run a script that calculate the length of a run. It works exactly as intended when there are many items (conduits and fittings) in the whole run. But it doesn’t work when it is only one element in the run. I noticed that the if statement is not working as intended as you can see in the image below. I should get the true condition since the input is true, right? I tried ScopeIf as suggested in another forum question without any luck.
Can anybody point me to a solution for this?
Thanks in advance

Hi there,

It works for me:

Revit version? Dynamo?


Revit 2020, Dynamo 2.3

Your If node doen’t have Lacing control. That’s why I thought it was and old dynamo version.

Try to connect conduit collector to the if node without list.create node.

I thing it is a level list control issue.


still, not working

Don’t really know what happend. It works for me just controling Lacing.


Well, Thanks Manel for your time. As I said before, it works well when there are more than 1 item in the run. I just wanted it to work in all cases possible.