IF function with empty list

Hi everyone,

When my if function is true and the input for false is an empty list my IF function doesn’t work. Can you help me explain or with a workaround?

The If node wants two similar inputs. You can circumvent this by using the ScopeIf node or Clockworks ScopeIf+ node.



Was just about to post this haha. Try using ScopeIf instead.


Thanks guys!!

When i use the Scopeif dynamo keeps running untill end of time.

Can you post your dynamo and revit files?

Also are you using Dynamo set to automatic run? Because that could also be the problem since you effectively created a while loop that never ends.

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Im running Dynamo manual. At the moment i use revit 2016 and Dynamo 1.3.2

Can you post your script and a sample revit project file that has the issue? I can’t tell what is wrong just from hearing about it.

Can you post or describe what you did in case others have the issue?

Well i used the scopeif wich you can find in Core.
When i use the scopeif+ from clockwork it seems to work fine.

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