IF Statement for Canceled Run (DataShapes)

I have a graph to check file versions and have used DataShapes to generate a UI for it. That part works great, but I want to add something other than the weird error-ish dialog that pops up when I hit cancel. Can be either a statement along the lines of “Canceled By User” or just a return to what would essentially be a zero document state. I’ve gotten an IF node and a Passthrough to work, but I’m getting both the result of the cancel button and the actual file info process and am a bit lost at this point…

How can I set the result to be either/or, rather than both?



edit: graph attached
Find RVT File Version.dyn (16.5 KB)

Will this work?

Messy but I do not have time to open dynamo.

It seems your plugging in a directory path into your input form, so you might have some troubles, but I’ll let you have a crack at it for a little while and post up my solution if you’re still having troubles.

Essentially, the above just replaces an ‘empty’ value with the canceled message.

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Replace your ignore statement with somehing like this (typing from memory):

"Canceled by user":

Where canceled is the output from the ‘canceled’ port of the Datashapes UI node, and BasicFileSavedInVersion is the result of the string from array. No need for a wait for - both have to arrive before anything can be processed anyway. The output of that codeblock gets sent to a single UI message node. This is more or less what @Steven is indicating.

Also I prefer using a Python node and calling ctypes or a Revit popup for messages like this as there are many more options available that way.

I can try to post an example of this later today if you get lost attempting it yourself.

you can use scope if for this.

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Thanks for all the replies - I’ll try to take a look at it tonight or tomorrow. :beers:

@Steven’s and @i.shaw’s responses both worked, although the output from the IF needed to run through a String From Array node for it to work properly.

@JacobSmall - I’d be interested in seeing a Python based solution for dissection if you have one handy. If not don’t go out of your way.

and lastly - @Michael_Kirschner2, I’ll dig into Scope If later, I didn’t even know there was such a thing, so I appreciate the heads up.

Thanks all! :beers::beers:

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